Lydia Kowalski
UI/UX Designer & Front End Developer

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TTC Tracker App

TTC Tracker is an app available on Google Play that is used to check the time of the next bus or streetcar. The interface of this app needed several changes to become more visually appealling and easier to use so I decided to redesign this app as a personal project.


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30 Day Icon Challenge

I participated in a challenge to design an icon every day for a month in which I'd wake up and design whatever was inspiring me that day. Doing this challenge not only helped me refine my personal style but also improved my software skills with Adobe Illustrator.


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Zealous Entertainment

Zealous Entertainment is a Toronto based multimedia company that focuses on film, photography and design. A bigger web presence was necessary to help attract potential clients so I designed a website that combines usability with modern web trends.


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Dashboard Interface

As a designer, it's important to keep up with current trends. I designed this interface when I first starting looking into the trend of flat design. Using Photoshop, I created an interface with useful widgets stylized to follow this popular trend.

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Restaurant Template

It's no secret that the two things I'm most passionate about in life are food and design. So why not put them together? I designed a template for an Italian Restaurant to combine my love for typography, photography and web design into one final project.

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Clothing Site

I wanted to design a different type of site for this project so I decided to do an ecommerce template. I chose a clothing store since online clothing shops are very popular and I felt like I could have fun with typography and imagery in this kind of project.

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